Founder Of SRPMF

Founder of Shri. Ramchandra Pyramid Meditation Foundation

Rev. Shri Guruji C.Y.Narasimha Murthy

Rev. Shri. Guruji C.Y.Narasimha Murthy – A friend – a humanitarian – a spiritual Guide & Master. Earlier by profession he was a mechanical engineer, who had worked with private & Govt. organisations, such as B.E.M.L ./ Kirloskar Electricals and other M.N.C’s, before setting aside a promising career as an engineer. His vision was to propagate, for the well-being of individuals and our society this simple and yet very effective system of Raja yoga (meditation / spiritual practice). This traditional system of spiritual transformation known as Sahaj marg (path of Realization), has over the last couple centuries been handed down to humanity through the lineage of spiritual 004Dasters and teachers. Whose concern and commitment has been for the welfare of human life and the maintenance of Nature at large.

Rev. Guruji’s soul searching task and effort was to propagate and to assist larger numbers of urban beginners, into this traditional method of meditation / abhyas, also brought about use of the Pyramid. Which is used as an additional aid in this system of “Transmission” aided spiritual practice. Rev. Guruji’s study and experiments with pyramid as a tool for meditation produced good results. Additional use of pyramid, adds to the the efficacy of this noble traditional system of yogic practice, while also keeping in mind the needs of our current times.

Rev. Guruji’s selfless effort in bringing this noble system to the masses, along with Mataji’s (Rev. Shri. Raama Murthy) wholehearted support brought about the inception of this foundation – “Shri Ramchandra Pyramid Meditation Foundation”. The pious couple has together with the grace of Masters support, nurtured this system of yogic spiritual training imparted through transmission, in its pristine purity and in line with the precepts of Sahaj Marg. They have dedicated their life for propagating the same to sincere aspirants with unflinching loyalty to The Master.

Rev. Mataji (Shri. Raama Murthy)

Rev. Guruji and Mathaji’s unstinted commitment to the purpose of training and imparting spiritual knowledge to aspirants of our society regardless of religion, caste, and creed is beyond words of appreciation. They along with their family of committed spiritual brethren have rejuvenated the holy order of Grihasta dharma, setting a worthy example to our society.

In these dire times of need for harmony and understanding, which is sadly lacking in many homes, the importance of love as the foundation of our existence is being reinstated in all aspects of practical day to day life. In doing so they are bringing back the sacred principals of the life of the householder, as nurtured by the tradition of Masters of this spiritual lineage.

Special emphasis and importance is given to proper upbringing of abhyasis children right from their early years itself. Rev. Guruji’s love for children, the youth and the aged is an overwhelming drive in all his activities. His motto over the years has been – Care, Share and Love!!!

Rev. Guruji’s life is that of utter simplicity, love of God and His love for all. His emphasis to all people is give priority to God, the rest will follow. Remembrance of God / Master at all times, in all our activities is given primary importance. In his words, he states “Time is fertile now, to stop thinking and to move on towards the Glory of Remembrance.”

Early Life

Born on the 5th of June 1955 in an affluent business community located within the precincts of Raghavendra Colony Bangalore, Guruji Shri C.Y. Narasimha Murthy was the 5th child amongst 8 siblings. His childhood was that of a child in a family with riches and comforts, but health was wanting. As a young child having the house close to Raghavendra Mutt, he paid rapt attention to the spiritual discourses being conducted there.

As a stroke of fate would have it, the outbreak of one epidemic in the vicinity showed its effect on his fragile health in the form of stuttering and stammering. The disease of chicken pox turned fatal to take away the younger sister. The family decided to send the children away to stay with their uncle in Madhugiri.

There too the little stuttering and stammering child managed to hear the various discourses on Bhagvata and Purnas being held at the temple. He noticed that many a Madhava saints happened to visit the neighbourhood. In those days it was also common for people to house such saintly guests in their own homes, which made the whole street and atmosphere pious. Probably this energy of the saints helped him recover his strength back and laid the foundation for his spiritual journey.

Wonder years.. Youthful Shri. Narasimha

By the time he returned to Bangalore his family had lost quite a bit of its economic wealth. He educated himself till an Engineering Diploma and started his career as a means of sustenance. His association with his father was brief but what he learned stayed as strong guidelines in his spiritual quest. His father was a man of high character, non-conformist to society, futuristic in thinking and above all having ability to empathize with the needy.

Even in the event of marriage, Guruji’s father told him, “A man of wisdom never chooses in life but implicitly accepts.” His father gave him no tangible assets, but many an intangible ones. Guruji reveres and fondly remembers him as a man of heart who taught him the art of living and the unconditional trusting quality of a father. In Guruji’s words, “I love him just because he is my father.” Guruji’s definition of a father is a man who gives himself to his children and not the upholsteries he bequeaths them with.

Right from childhood, being a loner made him understand many rudiments of life. In Guruji’s words, “God gives you gifts in the form of disasters and disasters in the form of gifts. All lessons were learnt from practical life and not tutored. In a mysterious way I was protected from getting what I wanted but being lavished with what I needed. This does not happen to all. Nature had a different program for me. At that point I did not understand the benevolent vision of my Masters like Rev. Shri. Lalaji Maharaj and Babuji Maharaj.

On his struggle to find his place:

Being a self-made man he decided to seek a solution to his stammering which was a cause of mockery and ridicule during schooling and later he learned Yoga as a solution to overcome his stammering problems. Continuing his search for truth, he joined Ramakrishna Ashram. He took up serious practice of Gayatri Mantra. While searching for a guru, many revered gurus declined, stating that he is destined to get a guru of a very high calibre and hence advised him to wait. An office colleague of his got him initiated to Sahaj Marg meditation.

During spiritual practice in this system of training and his continuing search for truth and a guru, a particular statement from one of Babuji’s book hit him like a bolt from the sky which said, “It is the duty of every moth to immolate itself in a live flame, but rare is a moth which immolates itself in a dead flame.” This made him seriously pursue Sahaj Marg meditation.

On the career front he had changed many jobs and was last employed with an MNC. One evening an event about corporate life put him in such dire straits that the decision point had come to safeguard his values and morals once and for all. He made his decision to take up Master’s work from a conducive place like Nanjangud to implement Master’s mission. He and his family members went through many testing times.

Marriage and family:

Guruji’s view point on marriage and social commitments is that he took both cooperation and non-cooperation as blessing on the path of spirituality. “I do not have anything. God has given me a wife, God has given me a daughter, God has given me a son. If I possess anything of mine it is only MY MASTER.”

Rev. Shri Guruji and Mathaji

On Love:

Guruji states that, “I have always been an embodiment to Love, right from the beginning.” His life is a saga of love. “Love means melting oneself in the remembrance of the Beloved.” He believes that for this to happen one should remove oneself out, only then can it happen. Love is the Key to the door called Master.

Guruji is gifted with very good faculties like an infallible memory, clear sense of imagination, high intellect (which he never used for studies) physical wellbeing and quick wit. In earlier days these gifted faculties were not being put to its fullest use by him. His heart told him that it was not the right time. He waited till he came across “Babuji”.

Guruji says that, “Love is the fuel while waiting is the wick.” Becoming is a disease and searching for God is a bigger disease. “If God gives me another life, he would like to restart it with an infinite capacity of waiting, because waiting is the key, closely followed by Love.” Humanity has achieved nothing by speed but has lost its original essence.

On Master’s Mission:

Guruji’s obedience and unconditional love for Master has made Master’s mission as his own. Hence aspiration for humanity became his mission. Responding to what if this was to be your last moment Guruji said, my everyday itself is on my Master’s borrowed energy. His first stroke of transmission fulfilled me…finished me. For me life itself is the biggest joke of life, the best forbearance is non-seriousness. Given a choice to choose never choose anything, still if you have to; choose the most difficult because God will be in it. Never be goal or result oriented; do everything playfully as if the act itself.

“A Meditator should become the Meditation
The Dancer should become the Dance
The Singer should become the Song And
The Lover should become the Beloved.”

Thus in any given moment become a stranger to yourself in the remembrance of God. Let go of any competition and there will be no loss of energy. He alone wins who does not want to win.

On relationship with Master:

With Masters like Babuji Maharaj and Lalaji Maharaj, give everything of yours to them. They do everything for you including your breathing. Lukewarm response or half responses will not work. Guruji says my Master’s work and the foundation exist only because of his light, and in the absence of which there is nothingness. Therefore we need to be serious about the source of light which is the only guiding factor for our deliverance. The 20th century was for economic growth, but the 21st is for spiritual enhancement, the time is now right for unfolding of consciousness. As a result of this, the futuristic generations will be born with highly advanced intuitive faculty which will be used to feeling and learning.

On the nature of Grace:

Guruji explained, “Grace is not the begetting tangible benefits, rather the contrary. When real grace comes, man is shaken at his very roots…it takes away the very tangible roots on which he is standing.” Guruji further adds, “Today when I look back…I see how grace made me flourish. When I hear news of something being taken away from someone I know grace is at work. Grace will not fall on everyone, come to every house. A man of wisdom should be in touch with oneself when grace has fallen for his own upliftment.”

On need to be Free:

“The one thing which drives me is my inner strife for freedom.” Saying so Guruji explains being in freedom one can enjoy, celebrate, experience, suffer, otherwise if you are not free you will suffer the enjoyment and enjoy the suffering. Therefore work hard for freedom. All his efforts, work and success belong to his Master Alone.!!!

“Slave of the presence (my master) and beggar of essence (love).”

Everything fades except the face of the beloved for deliverance…it is in his eyes you see…!!