Shri Ramchandra Pyramid Meditation Foundation (SRPMF) was founded by Shri C. Y.

Narasimha Murthy in the year 2000 in association with like-minded people who operate through their heart with a vision to create a healthy, happy, harmonious, and spirituality based society. The emphasis is on being in tune with Nature and following simple regimen evolved from ancient system of Raja yoga adapted to modern ways of life which can be easily followed by common householders.

At SRPMF we strongly believe that all knowing comes from Nature and hence should be open to sharing all information and knowing to deserving people irrespective of caste creed and financial status. Right from the beginning the currency at SRPMF has always been and will continue to be unconditional love for humanity and the Masters. We follow universal brotherhood both in letter and spirit. Masters Shri Lalaji Maharaj and Shri Babuji Maharaj have been our inspiration and guiding light in our entire spiritual endeavour.